When you first see Thor and look into those soulful eyes, you know this is a dog with a huge heart and an unconditional love and trust for people. This trust is despite a rough start in Thor’s life. Even though he is only 11 months old, he’s gone through severe trauma that has resulted in lasting medical issues that need to be addressed.

Thor is currently residing with his caretaker (mom) in Waldport, Oregon. He was left at this residence after a whirlwind few months with his caretaker’s son. Thor was adopted in California and brought back to Oregon. The son promised his mom that he was moving out on his own and would take care of the dog and be responsible for him. Not long after Thor arrived in Oregon the son accidentally backed over him with his truck. Thor received the minimum veterinary care that they could afford including x-rays which showed no broken bones, only soft tissue damage. Thor struggled with walking and his tail no longer wagged to show he was a happy boy.  Soon after, the opportunity presented itself for the son to move across the country, so he loaded up Thor and took him with. Unfortunately, Thor spent all of his time crammed into a crate with little attention. Thor recently returned to Oregon and was left with his current caretaker. Although she has worked hard to care for him she is unable to financially support Thor and is, furthermore, not allowed to have dogs at her residence.  While she loves him and has cared for him as much as possible, she knows that there is a better life available to him.

Thor did not receive the medical attention that he likely needed at the time, due to financial strain.  Because of this, the remaining neurological issues have gone untreated other than acupuncture appointments. Thor is currently incontinent and does occasionally need to have his bladder expressed. The vet has also mentioned fecal incontinence, although his caretaker said this is not a regular issue. Most recently, his caretaker has noticed that there are drops of blood occasionally in his urine but this has not been extensively explored. Over time Thor’s tail has regained some movement and he is able to play and run like a normal dog. He wears a diaper inside and is otherwise a normal 11 month old pup!

Thor doesn’t need his tail to wag to show that he is happy. You can see in his eyes that he knows he’s getting a second chance to get the care he needs. Operation D.O.G., with the partnership of Hopes Haven, and PAL is working to find Thor a foster home and provide this deserving boy the medical treatment he needs and deserves. We’ll be posting more information about Thor soon!