What we have found during our short time managing Operation D.O.G. is that our service is a very needed one. We have received multiple calls, sometimes daily from individuals, rescues, and community partners seeking assistance for medical bills for pets. Many times these have been emergency situations that are unplanned and cause a hardship, other times these are animals that have been given a second chance by a rescue to live a happy, healthy life. For each of these circumstances, Operation D.O.G wants to help. With the help of our supporters and fundraising opportunities, we can make sure these dogs are able to receive the care they deserve.

It was only fitting as Peaches received her dental last week, that Operation D.O.G. would take on our second Peaches today! We’ll call her Peaches II.

Today, we received a call from a community member about a dog who needed immediate medical attention. This dog, we found out, is named Peaches and is the companion of a homeless woman. Unable to afford housing, this women was also was unable to pay for this dog’s much needed medical care. We can imagine that the love and companionship Peaches and her mom provide to one another is so vital to both of them and the inability to pay for care in this situation is a helpless feeling.

Peaches II came out of surgery this afternoon doing well. She received fluids, went under anesthesia and the laceration was repaired by Companion Pet Clinic.  Operation D.O.G. contributed to her care, but there is still more to do. We are working to raise an additional $380.00 to pay for her emergency surgery. Be on the lookout for upcoming fundraisers for Peaches II!

You can also donate to Peaches II’s Medical Care by clicking Donate Here.

Additional updates to follow.
In gratitude,

Operation D.O.G.