About Operation D.O.G.



Who we are:
Our founders are Alice Sprague and Heather McDaniel and together with our Board of Directors and supporters, we are Operation D.O.G.!

Operation D.O.G. is a non-profit serving Marion and Polk County dogs, their owners, and local rescues. Our mission is to support rescue and decrease owner relinquishment of dogs suffering from treatable medical conditions through financial assistance and case management.

What we do: 
Our ultimate goal is to keep dogs in their homes and help those who are homeless get adopted. Through financial support we are able to assist with costly medical treatments that may otherwise result in a dog’s euthanasia or abandonment. Our work involves partnerships with local rescues and shelters, plus direct work with owners, veterinarians, and community members. We pride ourselves on following each dog through the medical process, assisting with the coordination of care, and providing financial support to rescues, shelters, and individuals.

Why we help:  
We believe every dog deserves a chance at a healthy and happy life; unfortunately dogs with medical conditions are less likely to be adopted. Furthermore, unforeseen medical circumstances can sometimes force family members to euthanize their pets as the less expensive option, or give up the animal to a shelter.  According to the American Humane Association, “it is estimated that approximately 3.7 million animals were euthanized in the nation’s shelters in 2008.” Rescues are able to take some of these animals, but without financial support for those suffering from extensive medical issues, rescues may often be reluctant to take on the financial burden on their own. Enter Operation D.O.G.! We are committed to changing the lives of these dogs suffering from treatable medical conditions in an effort to find them or keep them in loving homes!

Board of Directors:

President: Heather McDaniel
Vice President: Alice Sprague
Treasurer: Sam Sanchez
Secretary: Estelle Watson
Contact us at operationdoonlygood@gmail.com, follow us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/operationdog, or follow us on Twitter @OperationDOG